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Estate Planning Lawyers: Will Drafting

Our wills and estate planning lawyers at Hutharts Law Solicitors in Gateshead & Newcastle boast expertise in all aspects of will writing; from drafting to advising on the possible provisions and the management of your estate, finance and assets.

There is a commonly held misconception that if you are married or in a civil partnership you do not need to make a will, as everything you own passes to your spouse/partner when you die. This is not necessarily true. Perhaps this accounts for why 60% of us die without having made a will.

We provide a comprehensive range of services designed to;

  • Put your affairs in order
  • Minimise your family and friends distress
  • Ensure you provide for your dependants, family and friends
  • Minimise tax liability

The Benefits of Making a Will with Hutharts

Make your wishes known: Without a valid Will, distribution of assets will be according to the rules of intestacy — not according to your wishes. These rules limit how much family members inherit if their loved one dies intestate. Only £250,000 worth of assets pass outright to a surviving spouse where the deceased leaves children. All close family members have to be traced which can lead to long delays, expense and hardship for the immediate family

Provide for your loved ones: If you are in a relationship and are not married or do not have a registered civil partnership, you will not inherit your partner's estate unless he or she so provides in their Will. If such a partner were to die without a Will, the survivor might face severe financial problems which, with that extra bit of consideration, could have been prevented.

Safeguard your children: A valid Will is necessary to make arrangements for children should their parents die, particularly where the children are aged under 18 and would need a guardian or trustee to look after their inheritance and welfare

Minimise inheritance tax: You can minimise the amount of inheritance tax (IHT) payable following your death if you take advice from a good Trust and Probate solicitor and make a Will

Protect your estate from being contested: There has been a significant rise in claims being made against the estates of people who have died. The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act 1975 allows certain individuals to make a claim for provision from a person's estate, even if that person never intended to leave that individual any money or assets. By seeking legal advice and making a Will you could significantly reduce the likelihood of a successful claim being made

Wills can also provide for charities, avoid family disputes and document funeral arrangements. Making a Will need not be time consuming or costly, and we have made available for you a simple Will questionnaire which you can fill in by hand or online in order to speed up the process.

We can also register your will with Certainty; the National Will Registry, for a small additional cost.

Thanks to our experience in commercial arrangements, we are able to make excellent provisions for potential circumstances, and we can give you superb, personalised guidance through the complex jargon of estate planning.



 We were very impressed with the service we received. All staff were very friendly and helpful. They did not tire of my constant phone calls! 

Mrs L Carnegie, Conveyancing Client



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