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T & Cs of Online Businesses

Experts in Online Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions constitute a contract between a business and its consumer, detailing the use of the business's website and the supply of its goods and services. All facets of online trading are governed by terms and conditions. Here at Hutharts law firm, our commercial lawyers will provide you with a full breakdown of the regulations you will encounter as you build your new commercial website.

Why Are Website Terms & Conditions and Policies Necessary?

Website T&Cs reduce the risk of consumer rights violations. They are a crucial component of any commercial negotiation. The implementation of trading policies is vital to the protection of your business from civil and criminal lawsuits. Policies manage the terms of the purchase and sale contract, which sets out the obligations of both the buying and selling parties.

What Do Online Commercial Policies and T&C's Involve?

No two T&Cs contracts are the same. There is no 'standard' online policy agreement. Each contract is structured to meet the specifications of the business; its services, target audience, objectives, preferred method of commercial transaction, and so on. There are, however, some standard elements to a T&Cs agreement, including;

  • Payment method explanation
  • Cancellation and returns policy
  • Privacy policy; the protection of customer data
  • Company warranty and implied warranty information

Our Hutharts Guarantee

At Hutharts we understand that the prospect of deciding upon terms and conditions can seem like a daunting task, especially to small or start-up businesses, but our commercial law team operate with the objective of total clarity. We will provide you with a lawyer with an outstanding level of experience in all areas of technology law and commercial arrangements, and we will serve you with the most straightforward T&Cs advice of any commercial law firm in the Newcastle area. As a client of Hutharts, you will be provided with a thorough understanding of the rights and obligations of both your business and your consumers. We will draft and review your T&C/policy documentation, structuring it to your business model and commercial interests at very affordable rates.



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